The Non-Fungible Bible $PAGE sale with MISO | 21 June 2021

1024 unique art pieces, 1 book, written in history. 📜

Miso x NFB

Are you ready to write history? 🎨📖

The Non-Fungible Bible (NFB) is the first and one-of-a-kind NFT book on the blockchain, created by you. The book will contain a maximum of 512 pages which will contain 1024 unique user-generated art pieces each represented by an NFT, the token can be traded or redeemed for a physical copy of the book.

You are not simply buying a random NFT online, you are part of the collective that will be creating the entire book. Whether you want to immortalize your name / brand, promote something you love or to simply add some cool art — you have an entirely fresh canvas to create something unthinkable.

Together, let’s create history.

The Non-Fungible Bible will start its public sale on the Sushi MISO platform ( on Mon June 21st 2021 at 5PM UTC. Each page will be available for reservation in the form of a dutch auction, starting at 2 ETH and slowly declining to 0.2 ETH.

Sample art for the NFB

Token sale information

Start: Monday June 21st 2021 at 5PM UTC

End: Thursday June 24th 2021 at 5PM UTC

Type: Dutch Auction

Price per token: 2 ETH to 0.2 ETH, linear decay until target reached

Raised Currency: ETH

Total number of tokens to be sold: 970 $PAGE, 30 $PAGE will be added as liquidity. $PAGE tokens are ERC20’s.

NOTE: You need a whole $PAGE token (1 PAGE) to submit art to the book. Fractions of a page e.g. 0.9762 $PAGE won’t be enough.

We are also offering a place to get your Twitter handle in the NFB until it’s completed, see the tweet below.

How to participate?

First things first, to access the NFBible IDO, you can connect directly to the auction through this link: (link will be updated to redirect to the auction when live)

You will need to ensure your wallet is connected to MISO with ‘Mainnet’ as your chosen network.

Once connected, and after the countdown has reached zero, users will be able to see and interact with the Market specifics panel pictured below (an example is taken from MISO documentation):

In the UI you will have an option to ‘Commit ETH’, you will have set the desired price ceiling at which you are willing to purchase the $PAGE token. Note, that the final price for all participants will be taken from the last contribution that concludes the sale — every single person gets the same price. Once the target of 980 $PAGE reached, no further participants will be allowed to contribute.

Requirements and rules for submitting art.

You will need to upload your art in a strict format, the size of the art will be 285 x 195mm(H/W), 300+ DPI with full RGBA supported in PNG or JPEG format.

As with anything user-generated we are expecting some beautiful, weird, dank, crazy and completely outrageous art to be submitted to the bible, however, there is a need for some rules: no sexual or suggestive content involving minors, no racism, no gore, no extreme pornography, no soliciting violence or harassment, no doxxing. Please use your own discretion, if you are unsure — please ask in Discord.

As a side note, there is a function in the contract that will allow me to override any illegal art, this will also result in your token getting blacklisted.

Are you looking for an artist? Join our Discord channel #artists-hub.

Printing 🖨️

For the book printing, we are working with one of the most prestigious companies in London who will be printing all 1024 copies after all art pieces have been submitted.

Most of the details for the book have been finalised, we have a full quote and we are working closely with the printing company to get several samples printed. When we have the finished samples and are happy with the quality we will share some videos and photos.

Timeframes for printing will be detailed after all the art has been submitted.

Submitting Art to the $BIBLE ✝️

After the sale of the $PAGE token, we will have a cooling off period of 60 days before opening up the Bible for art submissions, this gives people time to accumulate atleast 1 PAGE token which is required for submitting.

1 $PAGE token will be deposited along with your art (which is pinned on IPFS). You can easily deposit your art through our website which will guide you through the process.

After your art has been submitted to the blockchain your $PAGE token will be locked and you will receive the final NFT (ERC721), the $BIBLE token.

The $BIBLE token can be traded on the open market and will also be redeemable for a physical copy of the NFB when the book has been printed (NOTE: When redeeming your physical copy your $BIBLE token will be burnt).

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Can the deadline for art submissions be extended?

Yes — there is a function available in the contract that will allow me to add a grace period to the deadline if required.

What happens if I don’t submit my art on time?

Once the book has been completed all art deposits after this time will be rejected. You will be able to keep your $PAGE token but it will become essentially useless.

It is vital you deposit your art before the deadline, if you are struggling to meet the deadline of submissions, please message me on Discord.

What happens if I don’t redeem my physical copy?

Nothing — the $BIBLE tokens will be tradeable for their entirety. There’s lots of game theory involved in both the $PAGE and $BIBLE tokens. Only time will tell how many physical copies will actually be delivered.

What will happen to the pages if the art isn’t submitted?

I have a few ideas for this, and it entirely depends on how many pages are left blank.

If there are a few pages I will get some art created which will simple say ⚰ R.I.P 0x000 (address) who didn’t submit in time.

If there are alot of pages I will hold some kind of governance vote on community submitted art.

I could also set aside those empty pages for certain charities to promote them (and donate the PAGE fee as part of that).

I think this situation is unlikely as the incentive to add your art is high so I’m hoping most/all pages will be submitted.

I’m not an artist, what can I do?

If you join our Discord channel our community will help match you with an artist.

I want to redeem a physical copy — what’s the process?

After the book has been printed, I will enable a new URL on the website which will allow you to provide your personal information (such as your name, address and contact details) to us, when we have this information we will send out your physical copy including all tracking information to your email.

More details will be posted on social channels nearer the time.

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The Non-Fungible Bible (NFB) is the first and one-of-a-kind NFT book on the blockchain, created by you. The book will contain a maximum of 512 pages which will contain 1024 unique user-generated art pieces each represented by an NFT, the token can be traded or redeemed for a physical copy of the book.

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